Highway and environmental problems

Report a problem on the Somerset Highways site

Below are listed the most recent highways defect reports in the Cheddar area from fixmystreet.com. Usually these will be the responsibility of Somerset County Council Highways Department. If you spot anything that needs attending to within the Parish Boundary, you can report most issues directly on the Somerset Highways problem reporting site. You can report any of the following:

Pothole or road damage – Blocked drain or gully – Damaged pavement or cycle path – Damaged road sign or bollard – Overgrown hedge or verge – Problem with a pedestrian crossing – Traffic light fault – Bridge damage – Damaged drains or covers – Report flooding – Hazard on the road – Mud on the road – Problem with road markings – Obstruction on a pavement – Obstruction on a road or verge – Weeds on the road or pavement – Snow or ice on the road – Problem with roadworks – Flyposting or graffiti – Problem with on street parking – Problem with a road closure.

You can also report items via Fix My Street (link goes direct to Cheddar map, you can upload photos of the problem there too).

Environmental reports

Street cleaning and environmental matters are dealt with by Sedgemoor District Council. If you want to report flytipping, an abandoned car, noise nuisance, hygiene and health and safety concerns, or missed refuse collections, you can contact the Sedgemoor Clean Surroundings team here.

Please also let the Parish Clerk know if you are reporting something, so we can keep tabs on outstanding reports.