Cheddar Parish Council Community Award

Cheddar Parish Council is now seeking nominations for the above award for services to the community during 2015. 

Is there someone in our community who you think should be recognised and rewarded for their services? 

Cheddar residents are asked to consider nominating an individual who they believe has given or contributed, above and beyond what would be expected, for the benefit of our local community. 

Application forms are available from The Parish Council offices or can be downloaded here: Community Award

The closing date for applications is 4th March 2016.


Island beds in the gorge to be renovated       

islandbedsCheddar Parish Council has announced that the island beds in the River Yeo between the Garden of Fragrance and Fortes are to be renovated.  Over the past few years the beds have become very overgrown and unsightly as the village contractor has struggled to maintain them.

Now My Cheddar has offered to help, having completed the renovation of Hannah More Cottage garden earlier this year.  The first area to be tackled will be the peninsular bed adjoining the Garden of Fragrance, with most of the surface vegetation being cleared, but leaving the ivy growing on the retaining walls and a fringe of protective foliage at the top, to ensure that the walls themselves are not damaged.

The Parish Council has consulted Natural England, Bristol Water and local wildlife experts to come up with a plan of action for the work which will minimise disturbance to any wildlife.  Chairman Christina Brown said “We are delighted that My Cheddar have agreed to carry out the work, as they did such a splendid job at Hannah More Cottage.  It’s nice to have local people who genuinely care about the village to manage the project and because they are volunteers it will keep the cost to the parish down.”

Work is expected to begin in January and will continue through the winter when both plant and animal life are relatively dormant, with a pause during the spring and summer before resuming next autumn.  My Cheddar are asking for volunteers to help with the work, which will involve just a few hours every week or so, when the weather is fine.  Anyone interested should email or see

Sainsbury’s free bus to Worle Store

Sainsbury’s have announced they will run a free bus service starting 16th September, from Cheddar to Sainsbury’s at Worle, until the re-fit of the Budgens store is complete and it re-opens as a Sainsbury’s Local. The bus will run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Operates – Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday

Start Date – 16/09/15 (Wednesday)

Budgens Store, Roynon Way (Departure) – 10:00, 12.00, 14.00

Sainsbury’s Worle, BS22 6BL (Arrival) – 10:45, 12:45, 14:45

Sainsbury’s Worle, BS22 6BL (Departure) – 11:00, 13:00, 15.00

Budgens Store, Roynon Way (Arrival) – 11:45, 13:45, 15:45