Plastic-Free Cheddar

Plastic items collecting in the Bays Pond

Cheddar Parish Council is currently exploring the possibility of working to become a Plastic-Free Community (PFC) under the scheme administered by Surfers Against Sewage. A number of other Somerset towns and villages are already working towards achieving this status, and just over the Severn Bridge, Chepstow has already become a fully certified plastic-free community.

The PFC scheme is administered in a similar way to the “Walkers are Welcome” scheme for which Cheddar has already been certified, as a walker-friendly location. Cheddar’s Walkers are Welcome Steering Committee is a community-led project, chaired by a parishioner, with parish council members and representatives from the AONB and Sedgemoor District Council making up the team. The team meets every couple of months with the various actions needed to maintain certified status being progressed by members in between meetings. We’d envisage a PFC team working in a similar way, led by members of the community and supported by the Parish Council alongside other appropriate bodies.

Achieving PFC status would require us (amongst other things) to:

  • Pass a Parish Council resolution supporting the journey to PFC status
  • Get at least three single-use plastic items removed from local businesses or retailers, or replaced with suitable alternatives
  • Ensure at least half of our community spaces (halls, churches, open spaces etc.) go plastic-free
  • Organise regular community litter-picks
  • Submit ongoing evidence of our efforts to the scheme administrators, Surfers Against Sewage.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help with this scheme, either to chair or be part of a Steering Committee, or to help with encouraging residents and businesses to get on board, please contact the Parish Clerk, Please also let us know if you are unable to help but would like to register your support for embarking on the journey to PFC certification. You can find out more about the Plastic Free Communities scheme and what is involved, at