Parish Council committee responsibilities are listed below. Minutes and agendas for these committees can be found on this website, and agendas are also published on the public notice board outside the Parish Hall.

Policy and Resources Committee
The Policy and Resources Committee has an important role in our council work; many issues are discussed at committee which require in depth investigation and which require more time than would normally be available at full council meetings. The range of issues is quite varied and also covers staffing matters. The committee is also responsible for all financial matters, including preparing a budget for the annual precept from Sedgemoor District Council. In addition the committee has taken on the responsibilities previously looked after by the Burial Committee. The Committee meets once a month.

For committee member details see the councillors page.

Planning Committee
The Planning Committee has delegated authority to make recommendations to Sedgemoor District Council on all planning applications affecting Cheddar. If the recommendation of this Council coincides with that of the District, the case officer can deal with the matter under delegated authority. (There is an exception where the application is classed as major development). If there is a difference of opinion, the application will be put to the District’s Development Control Committee where a final decision will be made.

The Committee meets to determine the application within twenty-one days of receipt, which in practice means on a two weekly basis, in order that our views can be put in writing to Development Management if necessary.

For committee member details see the councillors page.

Highways and Open Spaces Committee
The Highways and Open Spaces Committee meets once a month. Its main function is to ensure the footpaths belonging to the parish are maintained and that open spaces including Hannah More Park, the playing fields and areas covered by the village maintenance contractor are cared for, such as planters and bus shelters. The Committee also provides an interface with Somerset County Council who are responsible for matters relating to the maintenance of the Public Highway in the village, and to Sedgemoor District Council’s Clean Surroundings team for matters such as litter and dog fouling. Emergency Planning, Allotments, the War memorial and bench seats also come under the committee’s remit.

For committee member details see the councillors page.

Burial Committee
The responsibilities of the Joint Burial Committee have been taken over by the Policy and Resources Committee, including responsibility for the cemetery at Sharpham Road.


There are a number of other sub-committees such as Health and Safety, Human Resources, and Festive Night.

Outside Bodies
The Parish Council appoints Councillors to act as representatives to organisations and groups within the village. Councillors’ involvement as representatives in the local community develops greater understanding within the Council of the role of these organisations and groups. Representatives are usually nominated at the request of a particular organisation/group.

Parish Council representatives are expected to regularly attend meetings of the organisation they represent and take an active part in its operations.

For current representatives see the councillors page.