Community emergency plan

Cheddar Parish Council has an Emergency Plan and Emergency Management Team (EMT) in place to act as the first point of contact in the event of an emergency, until the Emergency Services and other professionals arrive on the scene.

The Emergency Services (police, fire & ambulance) supported by Sedgemoor District Council and Somerset County Council, together with other public and voluntary organisations, are normally able to cope with most emergencies.  However, the local community may be able to provide vital information and even direct support, if the official responders are delayed, and this could save lives and help to alleviate distress.

For these reasons Cheddar Parish Council prepared an Emergency Plan several years ago. The EMT is made up of nominated Parish Councillors, Council staff and representatives of the Police and Fire Service.  Any member of this team or other Parish Councillor may activate the plan in the event of an emergency and notify all other EMT members plus Sedgemoor DC and Somerset CC, through the Parish Clerk if possible.

Seventeen potential Emergency Rest Centres have been identified in the parish, of which the Kings of Wessex Academy has been designated as the Primary Centre.  In the event of an emergency, if there is a need to provide shelter to those who have to leave their homes and others from outside the parish who may be stranded here, the activator of the emergency plan will contact the owner(s) of the Emergency Rest Centre(s) to make arrangements for its use.

The Emergency Rest Centres will provide:

  • First aid
  • Warmth
  • A hot drink
  • Information
  • Clothing
  • Essential welfare services
  • Short-term rest facilities – and a focal point from which people can be re-united with family and friends

A member of the Emergency Management Team will manage the rest centre until the Local Authority takes over.

The role of the EMT and the purpose of the Emergency Plan is to support the police, local authority and other professional agencies as required, and to provide facilities and help to people in distress until the professionals arrive.