Traffic in Cheddar

Speed Indicator Data

To see recent Speed Indicator Device (SID) data for Cheddar, please look in the Documents Library – Somerset County Council provide us with the raw data periodically as and when a new SID installation takes place.  In the reports, the 85% percentile value is commonly referred to as the point at which a speeding issue is deemed to exist, if it is significantly higher than the posted speed limit. The remaining 15% shows vehicles passing the SID faster than the 85% percentile value.


Cheddar operates a Community SpeedWatch scheme, under the auspices of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, and all parishioners who are concerned about speeding are welcome to participate. The commitment is an hour or two every month, and full training will be given. From time to time SpeedWatch sessions are supported by our local PCSOs, and the data that is collected is used to further justify traffic calming measures which may be required.

Highways and Open Spaces Committee

If you have any concerns about road traffic in Cheddar please contact the Clerk in the first instance. The Parish Council’s Highways and Open Spaces Committee meets monthly and you can also ask to present your views there. Issues raised can then be forwarded on to the local Highways authority, Somerset Highways, for their attention.