Renovation of Cheddar Parish Hall

Cheddar Parish Council is planning a major renovation and restructuring of its building in the centre of the village following a detailed survey and assessment of the options carried out in 2016.  The survey highlighted the need for significant repairs and maintenance to bring the iconic building up to required current standards.

At the same time as carrying out the renovations structural alterations are planned which will make the building much more suitable as parish council offices and public meeting rooms.  The current meeting room is too small to accommodate more than a handful of members of the public as well as councillors, clerk and the press. This necessitates council meetings regularly being moved to other venues around the village.

The council’s intention is to convert the first floor room currently occupied by Cheddar snooker club into their main meeting room, with disabled access and to upgrade the ground floor facilities.  In order to do this the council has given the snooker club twelve month’s notice to vacate the building. 

Council chairman Peter Colton explained “We have a duty to utilise the building in the best interests of the community as a whole which means making access by the public to our clerks and council meetings much better than it currently is.  Before coming to our decision we thought very carefully about all the options and ramifications.   We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience to the snooker club which is why we gave them a full year’s notice last summer to make alternative arrangements.”

Under the terms of their lease the snooker club is due to vacate the building in June.